Score IT! Junior – THE FOREST

Entries for Score IT! 2018 are closed. Finalists will be announced in June.

A young monk must help a deer in order to restore peace to the forest.

Running Time 3:00

The Forest, Directed by Alyssa Torres, Griffith Film School



Competition Opens
Mon 22 January 2018

Competition Closes
Fri 18 May 2018

Awards Ceremony
Wed 25 July 2018

Cameron Patrick Public Lecture (ticketed)
Fri 27 July 2018

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1. The composer has skilfully manipulated musical elements and compositional devices to create cohesive music to support their chosen film.

2. The composition effectively and convincingly elevates the film, responds to the visuals and enhances the dramatic and emotional moments of the story.

3. The composer has presented an original and imaginative composition that is distinctive and demonstrates creativity and an understanding of film composition.

4. The composition demonstrates originality of soundtrack e.g. use of instruments (electronic or instrumental) and avoids the use of stock music or previously written or recorded music.


Director’s Musical Brief by Alyssa Torres
The Forest

The story of Zian is one of adventure, bravery and wonder. The Forest is set in a mystical forest where the spirits and monks live among one another peacefully. It’s a non-dialogue film therefore music should play a vital role creating the ambiance of the film and complement the visuals.

The film begins in the morning, with the older monks and Zian following happily behind them. It’s a happy and calm start, and the music I wanted is one that depicts the tranquillity of the scene.

There is a sense of playfulness in the second scene where Zian is following the spirit deeper into the forest where the footpath eventually ends. Zian’s attention is towards the spirit and doesn’t realise how far he’s strayed away from the monks. The music should depict this, but remain similar to the first scene.

In the third scene, when the tormented spirit is introduced, the music should contrast with the once-calming feeling of the previous scene, perhaps through a change in instrumentation. Throughout this scene, Zian attempts to dodge the attacks of the tormented spirit; he has a feeling of urgency and fear. Realising how to end the torment of the spirit, Zian goes towards the injured animal with the spirit just behind him. Drums would help to build up the suspense of this scene.

The spirit disappears, and the deer goes, leaving Zian in awe. The eldest monk finds Zian and is happy to see him. The aim with the music here is to bring back the calmness and peace within the forest since it’s restored; therefore, this would be a good time for the music from the beginning to come back.

The music should portray the different moods, but in a way that the sounds not be so jarring that the music doesn’t flow together. My concept for the music is for it to sound similar to the Léon: The Professional soundtrack.


The judging panel will select three semi-finalists (and in some instances an honourable mention) for each category, from which one finalist per category will be awarded. The winning finalist will be announced at the Award Ceremony to be held in Brisbane on Wednesday 25 July 2018.

Judges will be scoring on the basis of:

20 % Musicality

10 % Technical Proficiency

25% Dramatic Tension

25% Originality

20 % Overall Excellence


Yes, you can enter more than one category depending on your year level. For example, students can enter Junior and Plus or Senior and Plus.

Yes, you can enter with a fellow composer.


  • Two return airfares and accommodation to Brisbane, for each finalist and supervising adult to attend the Award Ceremony on Wednesday 25 July 2018
  • Access to workshops and masterclasses on composition with Cameron Patrick and lecturers from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.
  • Workshop at Queensland School of Film and TV, on how to make a film.
  • Two tickets to the Cameron Patrick public lecture on Friday 27 July 2018
  • Opportunity to meet third year students from Griffith Film School about possible collaborations in the future.
  • + awesome tech gear

Score IT! is free to enter and does not have any registration or other fees.

If you choose to mail in your composition all costs including DVD and mailing charges are the responsibility of each entrant.

Should airfares and accommodation not be required by finalists, other travel allowances may be made available. All food, incidentals and personal costs related to the Brisbane trip are at the cost of finalist.

Online entries or posted entries must be lodged by midnight Friday 18 May 2018.


Director: Alyssa Torres

Producer: Juné du Plessis

Writing/Storyboarding: Alyssa Torres

Concept Artists: Alyssa Torres, Costa Kosab, Emilia Cilento, Loko Lui

Background Artists: Alyssa Torres, Rye Elms, Juné du Plessis, Emilia Cilento

Animators: Alyssa Torres, Juné du Plessis, Emilia Cilento, Karis Spencer, Loko Lui, Rye Elms, Alex Praças, Emily Cameron

Clean Up: Alyssa Torres, Juné du Plessis, Loko Lui, Rye Elms, Gabby Hanrahan, Jemma Bayley

Colourists: Alyssa Torres, Juné du Plessis, Karis Spencer, Emily Cameron, Loko Lui, Ryan O’Dwyer

Music: Jaidyn Chong

Editor: Andy Nguyen

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