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Queensland Music Festival Presents... Coffee with the Creative Community

At Queensland Music Festival, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to connect established professionals throughout our field with arts workers in the industry who are looking to enhance their level of networking and knowledge in this turbulent time. In recognising this opportunity, Queensland Music Festival presents… Coffee with the Creative Community!

Perhaps you’re eager to learn more about a specific field, such as program curation, technical production, strategy or fundraising? Or maybe you have questions about paving your way in the music/performing arts industry?

Over the coming months, the QMF team and professionals throughout the creative industry will be offering 30-minute conversation slots to share learnings and experience and help you develop your professional skillsets and networks.

In these isolating times, it is easy to forget that at its heart, the arts are about coming together as a community. Though current circumstances prevent us from physically interacting, they can’t stop us from being there for each other.

So, care for a coffee?

To learn more and express your interest head to: https://bit.ly/3drAE93


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