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Queensland Music Festival invites you on a musical treasure hunt in our sparkling city. Play Me, I’m Yours is part of an internationally touring artwork devised by British artist Luke Jerrram. By creating a place of exchange Play Me, I'm Yours invites you to engage with, activate and take ownership of the urban environment, and to share the love of music and visual arts. The 20 pianos involved in this music event have been carefully arted by local artists, transforming them to suit their chosen place. Discover these incredible artist and check out their latest work.

VICTOR - by Kate Jefferay

Kate Jefferay is a crafter, maker, textile artist and educator. Through her small business My Aunty Anna she facilitates the creation of community through craft by encouraging people to come together and learn new skills, often working with others on large scale communal projects.

Kate’s art practice often focuses on reproducing traditional crafts on a large scale and in unexpected places. The sense of ownership and community involvement is an important part of the process, which brings together people from a diverse community to work together to create something beautiful and unique.

LADY LUNARLAND - by WomenSpace with Kate Jefferay

WomenSpace began in early 1997 with a small group of women who wondered, “Why do we feel as if there’s something missing for women in Brisabne? What if there was a place for women to share their stories? Wouldn’t it be great if we could create a space for just women? I wonder if there are other women who would be interested?”. Slowly their thoughts emerged. They continued to meet and to dream of what might be.

Kate Jefferay facilitated a group of women from WomenSpace to create ‘Lunar Ladyland’ for those to enjoy as part of “Play Me, I’m Yours”.

ANNALIE - by Karri McPherson

Karri McPherson is a contemporary geometric painter and muralist. Karri’s practice explores geometric art as a mechanism to influence the way that surfaces are perceived.

She focuses on interpreting and recontextualising her surroundings through brightly painted compositions, employing techniques that change how a surface is understood in relation to the space it’s in. The geometric designs are inspired by her immediate surroundings and Karri is particularly drawn to the unique characteristics and architectonic qualities of different cities.

HARMONY - by Access Arts

Access ARTS Inc is a vibrant Queensland arts organisation working with people experiencing disability and disadvantage. Since 1983 we have worked with members to achieve success in the arts.

Members of Access ARTS have come together to create this beautiful tranquil piece.

ROCKING HORSE - by Niqui Toldi

Niqui Toldi is a Brisbane based illustrator and designer. Her work is created using a mixture of traditional and digital methods, with particular focus on the human form, exploring ideas of space and identity.

She is active in the local art community, hosting, organising and participating in exhibitions Australia wide.

BIRDSONG - by Eric Lin & Niqui Toldi

Eric Lin is a Brisbane based Calligraphy Master. Chinese calligraphy has been around for over 2000 years and is one of the highest forms of Chinese art. Eric, has been practicing this art form for over 40 years, winning many prestigious awards for his skills.

Phoebe Paradise is a punk designer, born and raised in Brisbane. She debuted her label in 2014 after working as a merchandise designer and artist for brands across Australia. A youthful, nostalgic aesthetic bleeds into the garments she illustrates; a mundane, grimy depiction of being young, broke, drunk and leather-clad in the Queensland summer heat.


Sam Bunda

More details on Sam coming soon.

BEA - by Sue Loveday

Sue Loveday is an illustrator and a visual art facilitator dedicated to creative play and community collaboration.

Sue grew up on a farm outside of Mundubbera, Queensland. She spent her childhood riding a motorbike to find art materials and tinkering in her dad’s shed — loves that inform the playfulness of her current work.

Sue graduated from the Queensland College of Art where she studied a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. She also studied architecture and graphic design.


ART Gang is located in West End and provides a welcoming space for creatives who have fallen through the cracks - an art group of people who have experienced homelessness and mental illness. The program's director is Sue Loveday.

The gang all work in a variety of styles, and they’re not afraid of colour, with the result being a diverse garden of delights.

ETHEL - by Bec Lewis

Bec Lewis (Little Brown Dog Workshop) is a self-taught printmaker, seamstress and collage enthusiast living and working in Ipswich, Queensland. In 2014, Bec held her first exhibition in Ipswich featuring Lino prints of local Houses and ever since has been searching for new and interesting ways to use Lino print. This exploration began with printing onto timber and newspaper salvaged from Queensland houses to creating outdoor collages, then on to stop motion animation and now to art-ing a piano.

In 2018 she won the Queensland Regional Art Awards – Digital Art prize for a stop motion film incorporating her Lino prints and paper cut outs.

DEENE - by QCH School Students

Queensland Children’s Hospital School aims to ‘Make a Difference’ in the educational lives of their students. Their unique, multi-campus school offers educational programs to students from Prep to Year 12 for inpatients, outpatients and family members of hospitalised patients.

Under the guidance of artist and teacher Sam Cranstoun, students from QCH have come together to paint this beautiful symmetrical piece.

RHYTHM - by Geetha Anil and Brisbane Malayalee Association

Geetha Anil along with members of the Brisbane Malayalee Association (BMA), have come together to create this magical piece for South Bank Parklands.

BMA is a non-profitable organization, aims at providing a platform for the Malayalees to promote Social, cultural, charitable, educational and literary activities and to organize co-operative and charitable activities in the general interest and wellbeing of the members of the association as and when required, and to coordinate, such activities with other communities

PEACE - by Yeronga State High School

Students from Yeronga State High School have come together to create this beautiful scene that depicts “peace”.

Yeronga SHS provides opportunities for all students, irrespective of background and ability to access a broad range of knowledge skills and competencies. Yeronga SHS provides learning pathways to a socially, economically and environmentally balanced future. These are accompanied by the promotion of values and attitudes that enable the student to become more resilient and ready for the dynamic world of post-secondary options and directions both within Australia and overseas.

OLGA - by Kate Den Otter

Kate Den Otter is a local artist from Ipswich who has brought love and colour to this beautiful old piano, which is situated at the end of Shorncliffe Pier. We welcome any member of the public to head down and play this masterpiece, as part of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” project with Queensland Music Festival.

Kate recently worked with Michael Little to install street art for the Ipswich Festival Titled “Odins Lair”.

When looking out beyond Shorncliffe waters, we hope this beacon of colour and light greets you.

TIGGER - by Murdoch Stafford

Murdoch Stafford is an Australian Artist & Illustrator

Born from the world of the underground Australian music scene, his extraordinarily detailed, stippled, black and white illustrations, informed by heavy metal and punk iconography have become synonymous with some of Australia's most popular acts.

Stafford's graphic and propulsive style is also informed by the high-impact stylistic work of comic books, movie posters & paperback Sci-fi art.

HOWARD - by Mimsy Gleeson

Mimsy Gleeson shared 'I was so excited to spend some time with “Howard” - this older piano who was also made here in Brisbane. I wanted to give Howard a fabulous makeover and spent over 50 hours layering acrylic paint. In the end, I wanted this ol’ fella to just be the fabulous creative he was born to be.

I imagine the awe and wonder in the eyes of young children when Howard’s sparkle catches their eye... The fun had by counting how many fish, and discovering the yellow octopus, and bringing a smile to the people of Brisbane - and feel a sense of whimsy and enchantment as they take up the Queensland Music Festival’s invitation to “Play, Me, I’m Yours”.'

HUDSON - by The Good Food Project

The Good Food Project is a social enterprise that supports people with disadvantage through food, education and community.

Working under the guidance of artist David Spooner, members of The Good Food Project, have come together to create this piece, which brings an element of ethnic food from around the world, to the streets of Albion.

KATHLEEN - by David Spooner

David Spooner is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from the natural and unnatural worlds.

David draws connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and materials to create his new work, revealing in the process the complexity of the inner logic that drives his practice. Using textiles, found objects, knitting, machine and hand stitching, David creates three dimensional installations that play with literal and imaginative narratives.

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