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Explore the Music Behind Queensland Music Festival

Ever wondered what goes into planning a music festival? Here’s a clue: lots and lots of music.

We are so passionate about music here at Queensland Music Festival, and its innate power to connect people, transcend boundaries and transform lives. We are constantly seeing the power of music in action, from our large-scale community productions, to our remote education programs, and every day in our offices!

2019 Festival Playlists

It’s due to music’s transformative power that we have created a series of playlists that revolve around our 2019 Festival program. Because what better way to immerse yourself in Queensland Music Festival than through music itself! From opera arias to film scores, the hits of Queensland’s rising stars to the songs that motivated the minds behind our 20th anniversary program, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Check out our Spotify playlists below and prepare yourself for an incredible month of live music state-wide this July!

Queensland Music Festival 2019 – Celebrating 20 Years:

Sink your teeth into our 20th anniversary program and prepare for a jam-packed July of live music state-wide with our official Festival playlist! Get a taste of all the incredible events from our 2019 Festival with hits from featured artists and original songs from our signature productions. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come – have a listen and plan your Festival to make the most out of this year’s Queensland Music Festival.

The Music Behind Queensland Music Festival – Staff Picks:

Delve into the musical minds of the team behind Queensland Music Festival. We all live and breathe music and are so excited to share the songs that we are passionate about. These are the tracks that inspired and motivated us to deliver the absolute best Festival program possible for our 20th anniversary. We all struggled to narrow down our selection, and there was many a debate had, but we managed to create a playlist that truly encapsulates our diverse tastes. Check it out below, get to know our team and expand your musical horizons with this carefully curated playlist!

Yarrabah Music & Cultural Festival 2019:

Are you excited for Australia’s most idyllic coastal festival? Yarrabah Music & Cultural Festival is back with a star-laden line-up featuring some of the brightest rising stars of Australian music, as well as the reunion of an iconic Aussie outfit. The most successful and internationally-recognised Aboriginal bands in Australia – the legendary Yothu Yindi – are reuniting at Jilara Oval for their first performance since 2013, and will be joined by ‘the fresh new prince’ of Arnhem Land, Baker Boy, and rising soul queen Thandi Phoenix. Have a listen and get keen for an incredible day of fantastic music, cultural experiences and Gungandji country goodness!

Carol Lloyd Award - Meet your Finalists:

What better way to explore the immense talent emerging from Queensland than with the official Carol Lloyd Award finalist’s playlist!? We are overjoyed to have unveiled a shortlist of five of the most promising female singer-songwriters Queensland has to offer: Sahara Beck, Angharad Drake, Ella Fence, Asha Jefferies, and Andrea Kirwin. Get to know them all with a playlist of their hits and be blown away by the infectious energy and intoxicating sounds emerging from this great State.

Feeling Operatic – Our Favourite Arias:

Opera at Jimbour is back and better than ever! Come along to Queensland’s largest gala Opera and fall in love with the some of the most iconic opera classics performed by some of Australia’s most celebrated talent. Listen to our Opera favourites ahead of this spectacular opera experience this July. A collection of performances from some of our very favourite operas. Perfect listening for any occasion!

Score IT! – Movie Score Masterpieces:

Love the movies? Feeling cinematic? In celebration of our Score IT! Competition, judged by industry composer and orchestrator Cameron Patrick, we’ve compiled a playlist featuring some of our favourite (and some of the most iconic) musical moments from film!

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