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2019 Winner of the Carol Lloyd Award

By supporting emerging female singer-songwriters and continuing to build upon Queensland’s long line of fierce musical women, the Carol Lloyd Award truly encapsulates the spirit of Queensland Music Festival and our mission of transforming lives and communities through music. Every year, we are delighted to see the wealth of Queensland musicians that enter and filled with confidence and excitement for the future of Queensland music with the immense talent on the rise.

We are delighted to announce this year’s Carol Lloyd Award winner, Brisbane bombshell Sahara Beck. From writing her first song at 12 years old, to releasing an album, two EPs, performing coveted festival appearances, support slots with Bishop Briggs, Ball Park Music and Paul Kelly, and a few Queensland Music Awards too, Sahara’s journey is truly inspiring, and is already overflowing with achievements.

Describing her sound as ‘Passionate Art Pop’, fusing contemporary and 80’s sounds with big vocal parts, Beck soared into 2018 with the explosive single ‘Here We Go Again’. It’s a soaring track that draws you in from the first second and refuses to let go. With its lush arrangement of stomping pianos, punchy drums and choral samples, all tied together with Beck’s powerful vocals, the track scored love from Triple J and community radio nationwide, as well as coveted spots on Spotify and Apple’s new music playlists.

Beck is back to shine even brighter with her red-hot release ‘I Haven’t Done A Thing Today’ – an infectiously energetic and joyous anthem of self-acceptance and love – that officially marks the next sparkling step in her musical journey.

Established in honour of Australia’s original rock chick, the Carol Lloyd Award celebrates the legacy of female music in Queensland – a legacy Sahara is honoured to now be a part of:

“Carol Lloyd was one of the strongest and hardest working people I have had the privilege of meeting. She helped create a stronger industry for women to be heard just by being herself and presenting herself with integrity. She is an absolute inspiration…”

For Sahara, joining Queensland’s legacy of fierce musical women is so much more than a grant, it is a burst of momentum at a pivotal point in her trajectory, and an acknowledgement that the path she has forged leads in the right direction:

“I felt for a long time it was my job to surprise people with how I would perform and sing and play whereas I realise now - as my confidence and awareness has grown - that it should not be my job to prove anyone wrong. Everyone should be given an equal chance, before they have opened their mouth, no matter what heritage, gender or sexuality they have.”

We couldn’t be more proud to award Sahara with this grant, and we can’t wait to watch her story unfold. Welcome aboard, it’s going to be quite a trip!

Further details can be found at:

Sahara Beck official website

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