Singing Our Songlines

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Inala Wangarra and Queensland Music Festival


Elders connected to Inala and Shellie Morris


Songs of hope, songs of healing. Featuring Elders connected to Inala and Shellie Morris.

This performance is the culmination of a story sharing process engaging Elders connected to Inala to tell their yarns through song. Working with acclaimed singer-songwriter Shellie Morris (Wardaman/Yanyuwa) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders have created this powerful album and show that is a moving representation of their stories, lives, experiences and wisdoms. Ruminating on time, loss, love, culture and connections to lands each of these songs has come from the heart and will be sure to remain with you long after the show is over.

Join our Elders as they launch their album – Singing our Songlines.


This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland

Dates & Locations

Saturday 6 July 2019 | 7pm

SunPAC, Sunnybank




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