Maps and Journeys

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Southern Cross Soloists and Queensland Performing Arts Centre in association with Queensland Music Festival


Lucas Burns, Chris Williams


Discover Australia’s rich and captivating history of star navigation through music.

Navigation is one of the greatest challenges that humans have faced since the beginning of time, although with today’s technology we take it for granted. However, it actually took centuries of trial and error for man to find ways to navigate the world we live in through charting the sea, the land and the sky. Long before Europeans set foot on Australian soil, Indigenous Australians had rich astronomical traditions, and extraordinary navigational abilities. Through their unique understanding of the star constellations and their creation of star maps and Songlines, they were able to establish sophisticated trade routes covering vast distances across the Australian continent. Likewise, European explorers were using star navigation to explore the mysterious east and unknown southern oceans.


Maps and Journeys will explore the routes of both these cultures and their eventual intersection. The concert will also feature a world premiere of a new work called Ginan; the Southern Cross star given a new Indigenous name to recognise Aboriginal astronomy.

Guest Artists
Lucas Burns (narrator) 
Chris Williams (trumpet and didgeridoo)

Dates & Locations

Sunday 21 July 2019 | 3pm

Concert Hall, QPAC



From $28

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