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Our 20th anniversary provides an unmissable opportunity to shine light on the wonderful talent and communities here in Queensland, and to celebrate the vibrant history of our very own Queensland Music Festival. It is an incrtedible honour to be Artistic Director at this momentous time in our Festival’s journey.

I believe QMF is vital as it brings the community of this huge State together. We are trendsetters and trailblazers, and our musicians and artists are amongst the very best in the world. QMF has always sought to reflect the diversity of people, place and music-making which make our State unique: every year our reach is extended, with over 100 regions covered to date. QMF uses the power of music to unite us and realise our connections. It bridges the gap between city and country and tells every woman’s/man’s story whilst creating innovative new works.

For QMF, 2019 represents a celebration of all our achievements over the past twenty years, made possible thanks to our extraordinary participants, artists, partners and communities. Together, we have created, and will continue to create, beautiful musical legacies which live on long after the final notes have sounded.

With gratitude,


Katie Noonan, Artistic Director



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