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#City Symphony App

Hear the hidden sounds of Brisbane 24 June - 24 July

Where can I download City Symphony?

City Symphony is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Click here to download the app now

What do I need to use the City Symphony app?

All you need is a smartphone and headphones! Then visit one of the 9 featured sites across Brisbane CBD to start your City Symphony experience.

How does City Symphony work?

City Symphony streams you a personal cinematic soundtrack in response to your location. It has a handy interactive map that shows you where the experiences are located throughout the Brisbane CBD and how to get there. This is a self-guided audio adventure so all you need to do is choose a location on the map, head there and put on your headphones. 

On the app you will see icons and subtle animations which represent how the audio is scattered across the location, and a little black dot that moves around as you do. Follow the visual cues on the app to navigate your way or let your ears be your guide as you take in your surroundings. 

What are the ways I can experience City Symphony?

  1. SOLO: City Symphony is a choose your own adventure app, so all you need is to dive into the app, pick a location and just go for it! There are 9 distinct sites to experience. 
  2. IN A GROUP: Get a group together and try one of our recommended City Symphony itineraries to get the most out of your venture into Brisbane CBD. We have a range of suggested routes tailored to suit your schedule – from a short stroll to a half day exploration. Check them out here.
  3. ON A TOUR: If a guided tour is more your style, book one of our FREE sessions to get a taste of three featured sites, including the Goodwill Bridge, Bunya Walk and City Botanic Gardens. Click here to book your session.

Where are the City Symphony sites located and what are the audio experiences?

There are 9 distinct City Symphony audio experiences spread across Brisbane CBD. They have been specially designed with the featured locations in mind so each site is a very different experience to the next. You can read up on them here. The locations and experiences are:

  • Goodwill Bridge (A Call to Maiwar)
  • Bunya Walk (Bright Skies)
  • City Botanic Gardens (Our Lost World)
  • Albert Street (Rahim’s Story)
  • Queen Street Mall (The Meeting Place)
  • King George Square (A River of Voices)
  • George Street (12 Observations Along George Street)
  • Queens Gardens (New Place of Protest)
  • Reddacliff Place (Many Cultures of Brisbane)

How do you use the app?

City Symphony responds to your location and movement to stream you a personal cinematic soundtrack. The app requires an internet connection and location services to be turned on.

The HOME SCREEN has a handy interactive map that shows you where the experiences are located throughout Brisbane. Tap on each location and scroll down to read a short description of the music, stories and artists featured at each site.

Tap GET DIRECTIONS if you need help navigating to the location. This will open your device's default maps app.

When you've arrived at a location, the GET DIRECTIONS button will change to BEGIN. This is how you'll know you're in the right spot to start the experience. All you need now is your headphones and to tap BEGIN!

Tip: At this point the visual cues displayed on the app can be helpful in navigating your way around the city, but instead of keeping your eyes glued to your phone we highly recommend that you LOOK AROUND - BREATHE DEEP - LISTEN.

When you’re done, tap END to close an experience.

Other tips on downloading and using City Symphony:

  • Make sure you have enough data on your phone to download the app (1.4 GB required).
  • Download the app when you have access to WiFi and before proceeding to a City Symphony location. This will speed up the download process and won’t use up your mobile data.
  • Make sure your phone and earphones are fully charged before starting a City Symphony experience.
  • Use the visuals on the app as a guide to navigate each site.

#City Symphony Guided Tours

9:30am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 24 June - 10 July

When are the City Symphony guided tours?

QMF are hosting guided tours of the City Symphony app as part of Curiocity Brisbane 2022. They are on every weekend during the festival period (24 June -10 July). Book in your session here.

Available tours:

  • Fri-Sun 24-26 June, 9:30-10:30am
  • Fri-Sun 1-3 July, 9:30-10:30am
  • Fri-Sun 8-10 July, 9:30-10:30am

Where do we meet?

Meet at the entry to the Goodwill Bridge (South Bank side, next to the Ship Inn on Sidon St) and look out for your hosts who will be in a green t-shirt. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your booking.

What do I need to bring?

1. Smartphone (with City Symphony already downloaded)
2. Headphones / earphones
3. Comfortable walking shoes
4. Umbrella, rain poncho or raincoat, if it’s raining 

How long does the tour go for?

The tour includes a guided walkthrough of three sites / audio experiences available on City Symphony and will take around 1 – 1.5 hours. The duration will depend on your walking pace as we encourage you to take in their surroundings while using the app. We will start on the Goodwill Bridge (550m), then proceed to the Bunya Walk (600m), then around the Flower Garden at the City Botanic Gardens.

It’s raining – will it go ahead?

Yes, we will proceed in light rain. In the event of severe weather patrons will be notified of cancellations via email or SMS. So, check your inbox before heading into town if the skies are looking a little too gloomy!

#Got more questions?

Give us a call on 07 3010 6600 or email info@qmf.org.au.