A Message from our CEO

Most of you know Queensland Music Festival as a biennial event that started in 1999 and has since engaged over 1 million people in more than 100 Queensland places.

But as time has progressed, we’ve become so much more than a festival that happens every two years. We’ve also developed and delivered year-round community engagement, artist development and music education programs, and assisted with the launch of the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN). We’re also currently finalising the details of two significant new initiatives that will define the future of our work with Queensland communities.

What this all means is that it doesn’t make sense to call us a festival anymore. Although we will still produce festivals and events, we want everyone to understand the full breadth of our contribution to Queensland’s social, cultural and economic progress.  

You can just call us QMF now (most of you have been for years anyway). Please take a look around our new website and see some of the ways QMF has made a difference over the years, and what we’re working on right now. We’ll be expanding this content over the coming months, so please come back anytime!  

QMF brings leading artists, arts organisations and communities together to create bespoke projects that transform Queensland’s places - that’s what makes us unique. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have ideas about how we can work together towards a better Queensland – built by music!

Joel Edmondson